British Rowing: Power8 Sprints

Our brief was to create a name, and brand a new event proposition. A new and accessible ‘Sprint Series’ rowing format, which would be owned / endorsed by British Rowing but which is focussed on broadening the appeal of rowing through consumer engagement. The inaugural event was to take place at Bristol Harbour Festival in July 2018





Our proposed name was derived from the term “Power Ten”, which is a traditional shout from the Cox to the crew for ten hard sprint strokes of power (The coxswain often counting out each stroke for the crew). Power 8 Sprint Series keeps pace with traditional rowing terminology, but reflects the crew size and reiterates the 350m sprint format. 




A family festival and a focus on city colours. 

After the naming, strategic definition and positioning, our task was to create a visual brand identity for Power 8 Sprint Series that was contemporary, urban and upbeat, with wide family appeal. A brand identity that could also be accepted and embraced by the rowing community.

We believed that a large portion of the target demographic is more likely to have an allegiance with their city, than with rowing. Strong city-team colours were employed to start allegiances, ensuring the media spectacle is more contemporary and impactful; and easier to engage with during race time.






Strategic objectives

In tandem, the solution had to meet the strategic objectives of British Rowing. In particular, growing the sport & safeguarding the sports future by broadening the appeal of rowing. Repositioning rowing as a sport for all. And ensuring that rowing stays relevant.