About Onthree

Onthree is an advisory business. A strategically led creative agency, focused on brand building, brand management and the creation of associated multi-platform communications. 

What we offer

Onthree brings businesses and their brands to life through clear strategic thinking, business acumen and exceptional creativity. As well as creating new branded products, services and enterprises, we spend a large amount of our time working with business owners, to help clarify and differentiate their current and future offer in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

We consider carefully the challenge you face, and between defining the problem, and creating the work that solves it, comes the point of clarity. It’s something we reach together – and in most instances it forms the basis of our rules and system for creating the communications that cement our clients reputations in their respective marketplace.


Our 'MO' is based on close working and collaboration. We have a number of on-going formal partnerships, and a roster of specialist service providers – comprised from a collection of talented friends and colleagues amassed over the last two decades. The businesses detailed below represent two very enjoyable, successful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Lumsden Design

Over the course of last six years we got to know the team from Lumsden design very well. Several years ago, we took the strategic decision to share workspace in our Cowcross Street studios.

Abbey Road Studios is just one example where our brand development skills and Lumsden's expertise in retail destination design combine to great effect. 


Nick Smith (Founder of Airbounce) and Geoff Nicol (Founder of Onthree) have worked closely together to great effect over the last decade.

Nick acts as head of Sport + Leisure at Onthree and we are the official brand + communications partner to Airbounce; a specialist consultancy and project management service where sport, education and charity connect.

Together we have worked across many sectors and geographies as you could imagine. But if you asked us to say where our core expertise is, then we’d say that we’re at our very best when we’re building brands or creating communications in sport.